Ridge Tree

Another renovation hits the market!

Interview w/ Rod Khleif

I had a great time being a guest on Rod Khleif’s “Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing” Podcast, one of the most downloaded Multifamily Podcasts out there.

Understanding Cash on Cash Return

The cash on cash return metric is an important part of evaluating any multifamily real estate investment.

The Multifamily Midnight Drive

Before you get a property under contract, it’s best to see what it looks like at 11pm or midnight on a Friday or Saturday night.

Multifamily Team Spreadsheet

Download the Multifamily TEAM Spreadsheet Here. In this video, I share a tool to help you organize your efforts to build your multifamily team

Upgraded Units – The Joseph at Huebner

The model unit & renovations at The Joseph at Huebner are looking great! We’re looking forward to continued exterior and interior improvements.

What Happens After Closing a Multifamily Investment?

Here’s what you can expect as a passive investor after closing a multifamily investment.

Interview w/ Jake & Gino

                      We talk air guitars, Taco Bell, and yes, some good old fashioned multifamily real estate investing. I had a blast being a guest, I hope you enjoy listening!

Interview w/ Mark Ferguson @ InvestFourMore

Mark Ferguson is the host of the InvestFourMore website and podcast. I had the pleasure of chatting with him about the entire spectrum of my real estate investing journey: rental, flips, wholesaling, private lending, and multifamily syndication. I enjoyed being

100 Units – Under Contract

Happy New Year! Here’s to a successful 2018. DJE Texas Management Group is proud to announce that we are under contract and conducting due diligence on a 100 unit property in San Antonio, Texas. We are looking forward to completing