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Interview w/ Rod Khleif

I had a great time being a guest on Rod Khleif’s “Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing” Podcast, one of the most downloaded Multifamily Podcasts out there.

Interview w/ Jake & Gino

                      We talk air guitars, Taco Bell, and yes, some good old fashioned multifamily real estate investing. I had a blast being a guest, I hope you enjoy listening!

Interview w/ Mark Ferguson @ InvestFourMore

Mark Ferguson is the host of the InvestFourMore website and podcast. I had the pleasure of chatting with him about the entire spectrum of my real estate investing journey: rental, flips, wholesaling, private lending, and multifamily syndication. I enjoyed being

Interview w/ Michael Blank

I was honored to be interviewed by Michael Blank, host of the excellent Apartment Building Investing Podcast. We discussed building your team, growing your investments, and overcoming fear.

Interview w/ Reed Goosens

Devin Elder sits down with Reed Goosens of RSN Property Group to to discuss multifamily investing.

Interview w/ Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless is the host of the longest running daily podcast on Real Estate investing, the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice podcast. Devin & Joe discuss building systems, leverage, and leaving your day job. Listen to the Episode Here

BiggerPockets Podcast 207: How to Achieve Greater Success by Doing Less with Devin Elder

Devin sits down with Josh & Brandon of Bigger Pockets, the world’s biggest real estate investing podcast. They discuss getting started, marketing, the BRRR strategy, and much more.